How to become a fashion Chameleon



Our wardrobe is the most versatile possession we's a glimpse into our personality, an extension of who we are, and creates the unspoken impression to the World around us.

So, what are the staples we need in our closet to change a look from conservative to sexy....from girls night out to work appropriate or from date night to Sunday brunch with the inlaws?!? Well keep reading....


Watch the transition below as I take a outfit worn to work to an outfit worn to cocktails with friends to an outfit that would knock a date's socks off!


In this photo she is just leaving work....

This look can create a perfect transition from work to after drink cocktails by rolling the inner band in once, pulling it to the smallest section of your waist, and removing the this:

To take it one step further and be date night sexy....turn the skirt so the slit is in the front, put on your blazer and tie it in the front...and if you are having a good hair day.....take out the updo :)

Like this...



Fashion is fun because we can make slight changes to create a totally different is just knowing the tricks...

From desk clerk to diva....we have got you this look here:


Model Shown is wearing:

The Casey Blazer

The Secretary Skirt

The Chase Top

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