Revealing the secrets behind Timeless & Ageless beauty

Revealing the secrets behind Timeless & Ageless beauty
What truly defines a beautiful woman? Is It appearance, personality, intelligence, demeanor, or is it a mixture of it all? This question came to my mind when I was scrolling Facebook and came across a photo of a Nic & Kat client that stopped me in my tracks. In this photo I could see the happiness in her eyes, elegance in her face, and confidence in herself...and it felt powerful.
I wasn’t sure she was wearing the jeans she had recently purchased so I asked…and she was! Seeing her feel so confident, beautiful, and comfortable in something little ol’ me had DEMANDED she try at her style appointment made me feel amazing! It reminded me why I started Nic & Kat and gave me the motivation to start typing….
What is Timeless & Ageless Beauty?
It is the woman who walks in graceful confidence that doesn’t choose to stick out in a crowd but can demand one. The lady that can captivate others with both her words and her presence unbenounced to her. She knows and understands what HER best style is and confidently sticks with it regardless of the current fashion trend. It is the woman that walks with her shoulders back and her head high...even when she’s having a “fat day”…it’s the woman who understands both trends and looks fade and to truly become timeless she must recognize her beauty comes from her confidence and that her confidence is rooted within her. Timeless Beauty is the art of loving oneself.
One of the hardest parts of owning a boutique is understanding who represents your core clientele and with Nic & Kat I have and will always strive to design and select clothing that honors the art of timeless and ageless beauty…so that being said, at Nic & Kat our idea client isn’t defined by her age but rather by her state of mind…
A mind that loves great quality and even better prices J (C’mon you know I had to throw it in).
So, please come check us out! Book a FREE style appointment and find out if we are right for you!
Stay Stylish,


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